Friday, June 8, 2012

Alexis Smith

Today is the birthday of Alexis Smith (1921-1993), an actress whose seamless work in films of the forties that I have seen since childhood made her an enduring, polished presence in scads of beloved Warner Brothers movies. Her very real abilities as a dramatic actress of the period made her films far richer--though only recently have I begun to appreciate her skill as an actor, (why was she always playing "Miss Frosty" I now wonder?). TCM has assembled a day's worth of her movies from this period.  If you would like to read a unique insight into her character and her career, Jacqueline Lynch at Another Old Movie Blog has written an exceptional post about her on- and off-screen friendship with Errol Flynn.

Below you can see the complete schedule with links to more about each film. (All times shown are ET)

6:00 AM
The Smiling Ghost (1941)

7:15 AM
Dive Bomber (1941)

9:30 AM
The Constant Nymph (1943)

11:30 AM
The Horn Blows At Midnight (1945)

1:00 PM
Conflict (1945)

2:30 PM
Of Human Bondage (1946)

4:30 PM
Stallion Road (1947)

6:15 PM
Montana (1950)

Past posts on this blog related to Alexis Smith's career can be seen here.

For upcoming Alexis Smith movies on Turner Classic Movies click here.

(The above images of a natural looking but still elegant Alexis Smith were based on photographs by Gjon Mili for Life Magazine in October, 1942. No copyright infringement is intended.). 


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