Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mr. Osborne

Update! Aug. 11, 2010:
Thanks to those great bloggers at, a fine interview with Robert Osborne has been posted there discussing this year's Summer Under the Stars event all this month. Many thanks to Peter for bringing this to my attention.

Robert Osborne
wears his prestige among classic cinema fans so lightly, you forget how indispensable he has been for the last 16 years as the host of TCM. With his enjoyable introductions to classic films that are familiar, worthy of rediscovery and even brand new to many of us, he is our Virgil, guiding us through the Paradise Found of cinematic classics that is Turner Classic Movies.

Recently, I came across two occasions when the modest Mr. Osborne allowed himself to be interviewed for a change. The first is a brief Vanity Fair interview posted below, conducted during the hectic but, by all reports, splendid, first Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Los Angeles. Given all the hubbub that must have been swirling around him, he seems to be the soul of composure, eager to point out the other people making real sacrifices to attend the occasion, and discusses some of his choices for essential viewing for anyone who wants to learn more about film. The entire interview can be seen here.

The other item is a New York Times article from a few years ago when he graciously allowed the newspaper of record to visit him at his cozy NYC apartment. Not surprisingly, considering the warmth of the resident, this house looks like a real home:

Habitats | The Osborne, on 57th Street
A Home Destined by the Stars
by Joanne Kaufman
Published: May 21, 2006

ROBERT OSBORNE, the genial host of Turner Classic Movies, lives at the Osborne; in fact, he has three apartments there. It is a situation that appears to have been fated by the stars — and not the celestial sort...more at the New York Times


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