Friday, April 2, 2010

Helen Walker (1920-1968)

Helen Walker, an essential film noir actress who was capable of much more as well, is featured in a two part blog that began last week on the Movie Morlocks at at TCM.

Part I can be read here.

Part II can be read here.

An overview of the actress' relatively brief life and career can be seen below in this slideshow:

Many thanks to Karen Lorraine Hannsberry, the author of the seminal resources, Femme Noir: Bad Girls of Film (McFarland), Bad Boys: The Actors of the Film Noir (McFarland) for her generous support. Karen's activities can be followed at where you can read more about her bi-monthly newsletter, The Dark Pages.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to Alan K. Rode, the author of Charles McGraw: Biography of a Film Noir Tough Guy (McFarland) for his advice and guidance.  Alan is also a prime force in the Film Noir Foundation and his work can be followed here at his website:


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