Thursday, May 13, 2010

Elliot Lavine Digs Deeper into Noir

For the TCM Movie Morlocks blog this week, I grilled Elliot Lavine, one of my many online mentors in the field of film noir. Elliot, known as Dewey1960 on the TCM Message Boards, has been a kind Virgil leading me through some of the descending rings into this cinematic underworld and I was happy to see that he'd been invited to return to his old haunt in San Francisco this month. Here's the beginning of this wide-ranging conversation we had about some of the more obscure lost gems of the genre:

Asking Elliot Lavine to talk about his favorite film noirs is a little like asking a parent of many different children to describe what he loves about his babies. If you are anywhere near San Francisco in the next few weeks, you may want to hightail it over to the newly remodeled Roxie Theater in the Mission district for a chance to admire some of his neglected favorites--Elliot's nearly forgotten, "cheap, lowdown and tawdry" stepchildren, consisting of 28 rarely screened B noirs from the Poverty Row Studios. These movies will be on display from Friday, May 14th through Thursday, May 27th in a program entitled I STILL Wake Up Dreaming: Noir is Dead! / Long Live Noir! A complete list of these movies is posted at the end of this blog with links to the Roxie for times and ticket information.  A few days ago, Elliot was kind enough to submit to a grilling from me about all things film noir...More on the Movie Morlocks


Kevin Deany said...

Moira: That was a fabulous interview. Some of those Poverty Row titles are absolutely mouth watering. I wish I lived in San Francisco, I'd be there every night. There's a special place in Heaven for people like Elliot.

Moira Finnie said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this glimpse at Elliot's work in unearthing so many interesting B film noirs. I am hoping that the success of this event leads to more possible DVDs being produced in the future.

I'm far away from San Francisco too, but have enjoyed finding out more about these unusual movies too. I'll try to post here if I see some of them showing up again on TCM.
All the best,


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