Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking Back at Christmas Past Through Family Pictures

Noel Coward pointed out a long time ago that it was "Extraordinary how potent cheap music is". I think that most of us have felt the same bittersweet pull of moments in popular films as well, even if we think we know better or believe we might be too jaded or sophisticated to acknowledge their power. While reading the heartfelt blog posted here by High Hurdler, I was admiring his economy of emotion and touching description of the unexpected impact of the minor motion picture Michael (1996-Nora Ephron) on him some years ago. As I read that piece, a light came on in that ramshackle house called my memory once more. Transported back to other Decembers over 25 years ago, a door opened on experiences similar to the one explored by my fellow Morlock...more on the Movie Morlocks site at TCM


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