Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Album: Fred MacMurray & June Haver

The ninth day of our trip through Christmas Past finds a genuinely happy-looking pair, gently embracing the newest additions to their family, twin girls, Laurie and Kathryn on a day in December shortly before Christmas. This picture, taken on December 7th, 1956, marked the day when Fred MacMurray and his wife, June Haver were able to take these adopted babies home with them for the first time as their own children.

Much of the time in Hollywood, there seem to be sad or overwrought moments when the offspring of the famous are caught on camera by an intrusive, predatory press. In the case of the MacMurrays, this glimpse seems to be an occasion of real joy, offering a reminder of life's ability to break our hearts and sometimes to heal them again. A few years earlier, Fred MacMurray might have had some difficulty imagining himself so happily involved in life. In 1953, his first wife Lily had died of a heart ailment on the seventeenth anniversary of their marriage, leaving him to raise their adopted children, Susan and Robert, alone. He was said to believe that he would never remarry.


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