Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reading Movie Speak

This week, the "Reading Movies Meme" idea started The Dancing Image blog, infected me. Choosing the books that influenced me the most from an early age in my ongoing education in cinema led me to write the following entry at the Movie Morlocks Blog, which begins below:
Thanks to my fellow Morlock, my attention was drawn by R. Emmet Sweeney to the “Reading Movies Meme” that started over on The Dancing Image blog, so I decided to take the plunge and mull over the movie books which had the greatest impact on me this week. I hope that readers will list their own faves as well.

While one of the pleasures of movie viewing is that instruction is not required and we can let a film wash over us without intellectualizing the experience at all, once you start reading a bit about the movies, it can be like eating potato chips. It may not make you healthier, smarter or a more joyous human being, but boy, is it addictive. And occasionally enlightening, even when you don’t agree with the writer.

My eclectic collection of favorite and most influential movie books won’t include too many of the tomes that espouse the auteur theory, feminist interpretations or even consist of straight biographies. I had to read many books such as Marjorie Rosen’s Popcorn Venus, Andrew Sarris’ influential The American Cinema and The Film Sense by Sergei Eisenstein at one time, but this list is just what I enjoyed reading and have re-read with pleasure and continued here to read the rest of the story...


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