Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stewart Granger: The Star of the Month on TCM

Stewart Granger is the Star of the Month for July on TCM. To kick things off there is a very entertaining 1981 interview with the actor by our friend Peter Bosch (aka Filmlover on the TCM Message Boards and a recent Guest Programmer on TCM) published today on the TCM Movie Morlocks site. I think that you might find this encounter with Granger a welcome invitation to enjoy this often overlooked actor's work again. There are some real pips in his filmography that are being shown this month. You can see all of the SOTM info about him and the movies being shown here. I would like to publicly thank Peter for allowing me the chance to present this piece as part of my weekly contribution to the Morlocks blog.

The Last Swashbuckler by Peter Bosch
(presented by you-know-who) begins below:

A Note from Moira:
When I heard the news that Stewart Granger was to be July's Star of the Month on TCM, I was delighted for two reasons. As regular readers might have guessed, part of my happiness stemmed from my lifelong enjoyment of the adventure films touched on appreciatively in last week's nod to Errol Flynn in this blog. Such movies also were animated with renewed zest during Stewart Granger's high time in British and Hollywood films.

My second reason for joy was the offer by my friend, Peter Bosch, a writer and a recent TCM Fan Guest Programmer to have an interview he'd conducted with Mr. Granger published here. I think Peter, (fondly known to many of us on the TCM Message Boards as Filmlover), does an excellent job of capturing Granger's acerbic wit and honesty in this glimpse of the man as he launched his well done autobiography in here to read the rest of the story, please


kathleen henderson said...

stewart granger was the amazing and irresistible combination of rogue and gentleman. he was a very underated actor partly because he was very handsome and he made it seem so effortless this craft of acting. but his joy will always be in his films and we amazingly blessed. kathleen henderson

Moira Finnie said...

Thanks, Kathleen.

It is a pleasure to read that Granger's films still give you some joy. His acting style--especially in films such as Caravan, Madonna of the Seven Moons and Scaramouche--continues to provide romantic entertainment on a remarkably high level. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here.

Anonymous said...

It is now 3:35 AM and I am watching my forth Stewart Granger movie of the day. He was so handsome, wonderful voice, had a real presence on the screen. He was my favorite male movie star. The highlite of my youth was on a trip from Denver to Seattle via San Francisco and the redwoods by greyhound bus. I was restless so my mother let me go and sit in the back of the bus. To my delite, we passed a handsome Stewart Granger and beautiful Jean Simmons riding in a convertable and pulling a small trailer! I was so amazed I just sat there and watched them as they got smaller and then out of sight. I can honestly say this was the highlight of my trip to San Francisco, the golden Gate bridge, china town, cable cars, etc!


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