Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Christmas Album: Ingrid

Day Six of our slalom ride through the Holidays finds us in a remote spot.
Imagine that it is December, 1942. You are one of America's "arctic warriors", a long way from home in a seemingly forgotten spot at Fort Richardson near Anchorage, Alaska in a time of global conflict. The war and your family and friends seem a long way away from this chilly spot on the map, (though you may have to decamp for hotter spots around the globe any day). You look up one day from such thoughts and see..what? A smiling Viking goddess? A woman whose delicate, falling laughter has the sound of distant bells? Or one of the biggest movie stars in the world at that moment in time--Ingrid Bergman?

These servicemen sharing their Christmas dinner with Miss Bergman in the mess hall may have been more nonplussed by this apparition from tinseltown than they let on. If you notice, while they are gathered around her, huddled close, perhaps to bask in the warmth she emanates, none of them quite seem to be able to make eye contact with her. Perhaps they are a bit afraid to look too closely, for fear that such a vision might disappear.


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