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TCM Remembers

Due to the sad number of deaths this month, I've revised this post to include the updated TCM Remembers 2013 memorial interstitial, as well as those honoring Eleanor ParkerPeter O'Toole, and Joan Fontaine. If a video tribute to Audrey Totter is added, I will update that as well, though Ms. Totter, Tom Laughlin and Jean Kent have also been included in the new TCM Remembers below. Here's hoping that the rest of this month will be less eventful and more peaceful. I am so grateful to all the individuals who left us in the last year who have given us such a rich legacy with their work.

The Revised TCM Remembers 2013:
(Please note: The music is "In the Embers," by Sleeping At Last)

TCM Remembers Eleanor Parker:

Peter O'Toole, TCM Remembers:

Joan Fontaine, TCM Remembers:

Turner Classic Movies puts together one of their very best features each December in honor of those filmmakers in front of and behind the camera who have passed away in the previous twelve months. 2013 includes many visually eloquent moments in tribute to all those who have died, leaving a legacy for us on screen and off. As often occurs when those who pass on are familiar, and sometimes beloved, such as contemporary actors such as James Gandolfini as well as studio era artists such as Eleanor Parker have gone to their rest, it feels as though some endearing "friends of the family" have gone away.

Since many readers have asked me how they can see certain years, I thought it might be helpful to compile those that are currently available online via the TCM website, Youtube and other sources. I have tried to put these videos in one posting here on this blog for those who enjoy them. Below are the video tributes from 2000 and from 2003-2013 with the identification of what is, optimistically, the correct music and performer for the music used in each year, whenever available to me. I have not been able to find any other years for posting here.

Many of the beautifully done separate TCM Remembers spots broadcast just after the death of an individual film notable are available for viewing on youtube  here

Of interest to those connoisseurs of these gems:
Many, though not all, of the spots seen on TCM over the years have been created by Raygun, a media marketing firm whose work for Turner Classic Movies (and others) can be seen here. There are, of course, other ad firms which have contributed to the collection of exceptionally interesting, touching and entertaining interstitials seen on TCM over the years. Some examples of their work can be seen here. If TCM ever decides to market a DVD collection of these TCM Remembers memorials or any of their best spots, I think they might be pleasantly surprised to realize how many people would welcome such an idea. 

  Requiescat in Pace to all of those included and especially those who may have been overlooked.

TCM Remembers 2012:
(Please note: The music is "Wait" by M83)

TCM Remembers 2011:
The song that plays throughout this video is "Before You Go" by OK Sweetheart, with the lilting voice of Erin Austin evoking so much yearning and affection for those who have gone before us.  

Earlier TCM Remembers Tributes Below...


TCM Remembers 2010:
The accompanying song for the 2010 tribute is "Headlights," written and performed by Sophie Hunger. Felt a definite pang when they showed Jean SimmonsJohn Forsythe and many of the other familiar faces and those who worked behind the scenes.


TCM Remembers 2009:
The music is Steve Earle's "To Live Is to Fly" sung by Townes Van Zandt
TCM Remembers 2008:

The accompaniment is the song "God Only Knows" by Joe Henry. 
_______________________________   TCM Remembers 2007:
The music for this video is "Promises" sung by Badly Drawn Boy.
TCM Remembers 2006:
The song for this year is "Press On" by Robinella.  _______________________________
TCM Remembers 2005:
The song is "Flesh and Blood" sung by Joe Henry.
TCM Remembers 2004:
The music accompanying this is "Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard" sung by Ryan Adams.
TCM Remembers 2003:
The music for this video is Sarah McLachlan singing "I Will Remember You."
TCM Remembers 2000:
_______________________________   (Please note: No infringement of copyright of any images or videos is intended by this posting or on this blog. If anything needs to be amended or removed, please contact me and I will be glad to comply.)


Sharonk said...

This is a nice site...would you know the song and singer of 2008 compilation?

Moira Finnie said...

Thanks for visiting, Sharonk.
I'm told that the song accompanying the video is called 'God only Knows' by Joe Henry, but if I find out otherwise, I'll be sure to post that info.
All the best,

Nicole said...

Thanks for putting up the updated video of TCM Remembers 2008. Every time I see, I start crying especially towards the end when they show Anita and Paul.

Moira Finnie said...

I'm glad that this was of interest to others, Nicole. I have a tough moment when seeing Heath Ledger's image in the montage. At least Paul Newman and Anita Page each had a long, full life. I understand that there may be more additions, such as Beverly Garland and others. I'll try to post another update as soon as it emerges from TCM.
Thanks for stopping by,

Cody Montana said...

Thanks for creating this archive. TCM's "Remembers" tributes are always tasteful and touching, and certainly merit the effort. I especially appreciate your posting the soundtrack source whenever you can.

Moira Finnie said...

Thanks, Cody.

I have just been able to identify more of the music used to illustrate the TCM Remembers videos on all but the year 2000 memorial. I hope that is helpful to those who are interested since those artists deserve recognition too.

joe baltake said...

Moira! I love that you post TCM remembers every year. Each won has been a tiny work of art, most apt for a memorial to film artisans of every stripe. As you note, Turner rarely forgets someone, but I'm sure deadlines always get in the way. For example, I've no idea when this year's memorial montage was completed, but I was surprised that Susan Luckey, from "The Music Man" was overlooked, particularly given that Turner seems to like that film, showing it a lot of late. Enjoy the new year, Moira! Particularly, moviewise. -Joe

joe baltake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moira Finnie said...

Hi Joe!
I think that they update the "TCM Remembers" segment as things happen up until early January--but this year we lost so many film people--I am hoping that Fate eases up a bit between now and then and gives us all a break.

Thanks for taking the time to post your appreciation of this collection of videos here. I just wish I could find some of the "missing years" to add them to the collection.

I hope the holiday is good to you and your family, full of fun and a balance of peace and merriment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Moira:

I have collected these through the years and also tried to get previews from years ago. I would welcome a collection of these special video tributes and promos. Thanks for the links.


Sherry said...

Hi Moira, just watched the 2013 TCM remembers and fell in love with the song. How lovely that you've done this site. HUGE movie/gossip fan. Thanks for the compilation.

ClassicBecky said...

How wonderful that you put together these wonderful remembrances! Thank you so much for making them so readily available. They are difficult to watch and bring a tear, that's for sure, but it's also great to remember these people who are so important to us. I'm glad to be back among the living and following your good work. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

To Ms. Finnie
Thank you for your article on "James Edwards". It was the most in depth article yet, that I have read on "James Edwards". Thank you very much!
Richard (Doc) Hodges


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